Language Dynamics in the Dutch Golden Age

Research output

13 April 2017
Utrecht University, Drift 25 room 103

Workshop – Historical Literary Variation as a Mirror for Language Change

On April 13th 2017, Utrecht University and the Meertens Institute organized a workshop on historical language variation and change. The program consisted of the following presentations:

Cora van de Poppe (Utrecht University) – ‘Intra-auteurvariatie in herinneringsteksten: het werkwoordgebruik van Willemken van Wanray (ca. 1573-1647)’

Dirk-Jan de Kooter (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) – ‘Participia in het Nieuwe Testament van de Statenvertaling’

Mirella De Sisto (Meertens Institute) – ‘The role of prosody in shaping Dutch Renaissance meter’

Wouter Haverals (University of Antwerp) – ‘The measure of Middle Dutch. Rhythm and Prosody Reconstruction for Middle Dutch Literature, a Data-Driven Approach’

Jorik van Engeland (Utrecht University) – ‘Ditransitives and dative constructions in Early Modern Dutch: The aspects of word order variation’

Anne Breitbarth (Ghent University) – ‘Factors influencing the expression of syntactic phenomena in a Middle Low German corpus’