Language Dynamics in the Dutch Golden Age


Team Supervision

* Supervision subproject 1 (PhD) – Prof. dr. Norbert Corver – Utrecht University
Chair Dutch Linguistics: Language Structure and Variation
* Supervision subproject 2 (PhD) – Prof. dr. Els Stronks – Utrecht University
Chair Early Modern Dutch Literature; specialized in Digital Humanities
* Supervision subproject 3 (Postdoc) – Prof. dr. Jan Odijk – Utrecht University
Language and Speech Technology


Advisors Computational Linguistics
* Prof. dr. Antal van den Bosch – Radboud University Nijmegen & Huygens KNAW
Specialized in Language Technology, especially tagging. Van den Bosch designed the part-of-speech tagger FROG, which we will use in this project
* Prof. dr. Gertjan van Noord – University of Groningen
Specialized in Computational Linguistics, especially text parsing. Van Noord designed the Alpino parser, which we will use in this project
* Dr. Martin Reynaert – Tilburg University
Specialized in Digitalizing and OCR post correction. He designed the post corrector PICCL, which we will use in this project
* Dr. Erwin Komen – Radboud University Nijmegen
During his PhD-project on information structure in historical English, he developed several digital applications for the annotating of on texts, and the detection and visualization of syntactic constructions. After his PhD-project, he developed related tools within the context of CLARIN/CLARIAH and Nederlab


Advisors Historical Linguistics and Historical Socio-Linguistics
* Prof. dr. Nicoline van der Sijs – Radboud University Nijmegen & Huygens KNAW
Nederlab, specialized in Historical Dutch Linguistics, Language Standardization, Language Registers
* Prof. dr. Ans van Kemenade – Radboud University Nijmegen
Specialized in Historical Theoretical Linguistics, Dutch and English
* Prof. dr. Anita Auer – Université de Lausanne
Specialized in Historical Socio-Linguistics, including intra-author variation


Advisors Historical Dutch Literature
* Prof. dr. Johan Koppenol – VU University Amsterdam
Chair Early Modern Dutch Literature, specialized in Literature of the Dutch Golden Age; his research focuses on texts by Hooft, Coornhert, Cats which will be involved in this project