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Language Dynamics in the Dutch Golden Age


Project leaders

Dr. Marjo van Koppen – Utrecht University

Dr. Feike Dietz – Utrecht University



Dr. Marijn Schraagen – Utrecht University



Jorik van Engeland MA – Utrecht University

My research entails variation in morpho-syntax. Currently I’m focussing on the relation between (morphological) case and word order, and verb clusters, in the transitional period of Early Modern Dutch: In Middle Dutch there is morphological case and free word order, while verb clusters are limited; In Modern Dutch morphological case is lost, word order is restricted, while verb clusters are a widespread phenomenon.

Cora van de Poppe MA – Utrecht University

I’m investigating variation in the use of the genitive. Sixteenth and seventeenth century writers could use the historical genitive both in post- and prenominal word order (het huis des mans vs des mans huis). Moreover, alternatives like the of-construction (het huis van de man) and the s-genitive (vaders huis) became major competitors for the historical genitive. When and why used authors a particular genitive construction? This question I’m trying to answer in the next months, using methods of literary studies and historical sociolinguïstics.