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Language Dynamics in the Dutch Golden Age

Negation in letters of Hooft – Irene Kramer

On April 19th 1638, P.C. Hooft used bipartite negation for the last time[1]. Rather than asking why Hooft decided to give up on the bipartite negation, I am interested in when he used single or bipartite negation in the five years before that moment. I will be examining the syntactic environments and try to distinguish the different conditions under which Hooft uses either single or bipartite negation. In my research, I will be concentrating on his correspondence via letters with his close friend Joost Baak and his literary companion Tesselschade Roemersdochter Vissers.

[1] Except for one time in March, 1644 (Paardekooper 2006, p. 126).