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Language Dynamics in the Dutch Golden Age

Research output

4 February 2016
Utrecht University

Clinic – Language Science Day

On February 4, Marjo van Koppen and Feike Dietz will give a clinic at the Language Science Day, ogranized by UIL OTS. They will introduce a new line of research in which the grammatical properties of intra-author variation in 17th-century Dutch will be explained, as well as the socio-/literary-cultural factors that influenced the way authors used their variation.  The central hypothesis is that author’s (internal) grammars created a particular range of variation, which was then systematically used, based on contextual factors.

In the clinic this new line of research is introduced by means of variation in the use of negation. The linguistic properties of this variation as well as the literary ones will be analyzed, providing a complete picture of this variation.